What It’s Like To Be A Singaporean Micro-Influencer On Instagram

Dreaming of being a micro-influencer on Instagram and wondering if the life of being one meets your expectations?

Naysayers chastise micro-influencer for taking selfies and posting pretentious remarks, when in reality? It’s far from that. Early this year, Forbes contributor Barrett Wissman calls them the marketing force of the future; while mediakix reports the Instagram influencer marketing is a 1 billion dollar industry.

Like you, we have many questions, but just for today, let’s start with the basic: how does the life of a micro-influencer look like? We speak to Joyce Ng, a popular Singaporean micro-influencer and rising actress. Here’s a sneak peek!

How does a typical day of a Singaporean micro-influencer look like?

7:00 am – 9:00 am: I’m in bed! This is because I usually edit my social media videos over the night.

9:00 am: Some days, if I managed to wake up this early and there are no plans, I go for a morning jog. Other days, I run off for shoots!

10:00 am: Either I’ll have breakfast and wash up after my jog or I’ll be on set for my shoot.

11:00 am: I clear my emails and finish editing my videos. Sometimes, I’ll be reading lines and rolling for cameras on shoot.

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12:00 pm: Aside from shooting, I work on my client’s proposals and update my social media accounts.


And that’s just mornings and early afternoon!

Phew, it looks like Joyce’s life extends far beyond Instagram. For her, not only is there a content creation element to it, but there are also loads of filming involved. The life of a micro-influencer is definitely a lot tougher than it looks.


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