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Each lesson takes as short as 5-10 minutes per day. Learn on this mobile learning app at your own pace!


Lessons are action-based and accessible anytime, anywhere. Share what you've learned and receive support from your peers.

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Note: MicroGenius is conducted on Gnowbe, a partner of Want Things Done.

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Effective learning

Lessons are bite-sized. Learning multimedia-rich content at short bursts increases efficiency by 17%.

Be in control

Learn lessons while riding the train, waiting for your flight in the airport, or whenever you're ready. You have full control.

Expert Curator

Learn from established experts and gather feedback from your peers. Remember better with what you learned.

Practical value

Easily access lessons that are directly relevant to what you need.

Learn. Think. Apply. Share

Learn at your own pace. Never stress about deadline because there's none.