Parent-Child Bonding With Positive Play


Play is essential for children as well as adults. It's never too late to learn how we can take care of own well-being through play, so that we can take better care of our children's well-being.


Play is the child's language so what is a better way to connect with our children, through effective and purposeful play. This program is based on experiential learning with mainly activities and reflections.

Key takeaways

  1. The definition of play therapy
  2. Understand the importance of play
  3. Learn about self-care and how your well-being plays a big role in a parent-child relationship
  4. Explore simple activities to build relationships with your child
  5. And more...

How to access this program?

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  3. Checkout with your name & email address
  4. Go to your inbox and click the link in the email we sent you
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What makes this program different?

Unlike most programs that are conducted in-person or online.... Parent-Child Bonding With Positive Play is conducted on a mobile-learning app.


Lessons are bite-sized! Learn on the go and at your own pace. Thanks to this micro- and peer-learning approach, you improve learning by 17%. Explore more benefits here.

Who is this program for

This program is for parents who are interested in the power of play and how they can better bond with their child though effective play. Play is one of the most effective tool for building relationship.


  1. First Things First
  2. Getting ready for the program
  3. What is Play Therapy?
  4. Childhood Play
  5. My Inner Child
  6. Rapport Building
  7. Being Present
  8. Say What You See
  9. Child Directed Play
  10. More on play!

About the curator

Adelyn Lee is an accredited Play Therapist with Play Therapy International (PTI) and the founder of Pandora Box Play Therapy. She strongly believes in the power of play not just in the lives of children but also in adults too. Adelyn conducts mental health related workshops in schools, corporate and community organisation, emphasising on stress management and personal well-being with Creative Arts.


She has a wide variety of working experiences with children in preschools and special education schools. Adelyn works with both typical and atypical children on a wide range of difficulties which include behavioural problems, tantrums, social withdrawal, lack of intrinsic motivation, low self-confidence and self-esteem, challenging peer relationships, short attention span, inability to focus, ASD, ADHD, GDD and delayed speech issues.



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