Podcasts: Building Your Brand, Growing Your Business


    Podcasts: Building Your Brand, Growing Your Business


    2018 is the year of podcasts. From BBC to Tim Ferris, people are increasingly turning to podcasts for entertainment, business and education.


    The global listenership for podcasts monthly stands at 1.4 billion and the number is set to grow even further. In the last six to twelve months, we've seen a higher number of traditional media broadcasters, brands and mainstream personalities getting into the world of podcasts.


    Want to get on board before your competitors? Join this program today to get started!

    Key takeaways

    1. Basics of podcasts
    2. Understand the step-by-step process of setting up a podcast
    3. Determine your goal, audience, and niche to stand out
    4. Learn how to integrate podcasts into your business plans and content marketing strategy
    5. Learn the 5 ways to determine content success of your podcast
    6. Discover storytelling techniques to incorporate in your podcast

    How to access this program?

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    2. Add it to cart and apply code if you have one
    3. Checkout with your name & email address
    4. Go to your inbox and click the link in the email we sent you
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    7. You're in - have fun learning in this mobile-learning program!

    What makes this program different?

    Unlike most programs that are conducted in-person or online.... Podcasts: Building Your Brand, Growing Your Business is conducted on a mobile-learning app.


    Lessons are bite-sized! Learn on the go and at your own pace. Thanks to this micro- and peer-learning approach, you improve efficiency by 17% and remember better with what you learn! Explore more benefits here.

    Who is this program for

    This program is designed for people who are interested to learn more about podcasting and how it can be used to build their brand and grow their business. Leaners don't need any prior knowledge in podcasting!


    1. First Things First
    2. Getting Started
    3. What Are The Advantages of Podcasts Over YouTube or Blogs?
    4. Riding the Upward Podcast Trend
    5. How do Your Audience Listen to Podcasts?
    6. East Vs. West: What Are The Podcasting Trends In Asia?
    7. Use Podcasts To Market Your Brand & Business
    8. Measuring Your Marketing Success in Podcast
    9. I Want To Create a Podcast! Where do I Start?
    10. How To Tell Great Stories And Get Your Audience Hooked
    11. What You Need To Start Your Podcast?
    12. Recap

    About the curator

    For more than 10 years, Raven Lim has been in media production and post-production for production houses and MNC broadcasting companies such as SPE Networks, CNBC, and Endeavor. She is now a program manager and content creator in video and podcasting


    Back in 2013, Raven co-founded Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s first comedy chat podcast. With listeners from more than 20 countries, Tomboy Tirade broke barriers during its 4th-year run as a pioneering podcast that features an all female panel with Asian women as producers and hosts.


    Inspired by the experience, she wants to help others launch their podcast and empower Asian voices as a podcast consultant and producer. Raven is excited about the new wave of local podcasters from Singapore and is on a mission to grow the Singapore scene.


    Ling Ling Tai is a cultural and learning consultant. She founded Southeast Asia’s leading podcast show on personal and organisation development, called Leaders of Learning.


    With listeners from over 28 countries, the podcast show reached #1 in Vietnam and Cambodia; Top 5 In Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia; as well as Top 10 in Sri Lanka and Philippines in the iTunes Top Podcasts Charts.


    As a global learning and developing professional for over a decade, Ling Ling is now on a mission to help people speak out confidently using podcasts.



    • podcast hopeful =D
      February 26, 2019 at 4:24 pm
      10 /10

      These gals are absolutely wonderful and extremely knowledgeable about podcasting. I’ve been to their physical workshops and their online ones are even better, check em out!

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