What Mom Never Told You about Losing Weight


There is a plethora of information on weight loss easily available on your smart phone. With so many theories and best practices, how do you know which one works for you? Some practices are complicated and others requires quite a bit of work. And you’ve tried more than a handful of the so-called strategies. None seems to be sustainable.


You're not alone! The curator of What Mom Never Told You about Losing Weight has researched and tested many methods in this area for over 20 years herself. Give what’s best to your body instead of continuing to beat it up. Learn the most important concepts about your mind and body. Armed yourself with this knowledge, and design a sustainable routine to help you start on a proper weight management program.

Key takeaways

  1. Learn how to be empowered so you no longer have to struggle with your weight.
  2. Connect with yourself in a mindful manner.
  3. Build good habits for healthy and active living.

How to access this program?

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  2. Add it to cart and apply code if you have one
  3. Checkout with your name & email address
  4. Go to your inbox and click the link in the email we sent you
  5. Register for an account at Gnowbe
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  7. You're in - have fun learning in this mobile-learning program!

What makes this program different?

Unlike most programs that are conducted in-person or online.... What Mum Never Told You about Losing Weight is conducted on a mobile-learning app.


Lessons are bite-sized! Learn on the go and at your own pace. Thanks to this micro- and peer-learning approach, you improve learning by 17%. Explore more benefits here.

Who is this program for

This program is designed for those who want to stay healthy so they can watch their children grow up; attend their university gradation; see them get married and start their family. And the best present: to be there for their grandchildren too.


This is also for those who have tried different ways to (too many to count) lose weight and have yet to find a sustainable way to achieve what they want.


You don’t need any prior knowledge for this program. You just need to care for yourself and your body. So you can be the best person for your family and loved ones.


  1. First Things First
  2. Getting Ready for the Course
  3. It's More than a Number
  4. The Weight Gain Battle
  5. Why Am I Overweight?
  6. On the Road to Wellness
  7. Be Attentive to Your Feelings
  8. Shape Your Belief
  9. Say Yes to Yourself
  10. Recognise the Signs
  11. Start Your Day Right
  12. Create Your Future!

About the curator

Adeline Heng

LoveYourGrey.me, Founder


Adeline Heng is a regular Singaporean daughter, wife and mother with an extraordinary mission: inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle that uplifts and empowers themselves, and their families.


After struggling with her weight for more than 20 years, Adeline adopted a program of self love, regular exercise and enlightened eating habits. It transformed her mind and body beyond what she ever imagined possible. It spurred her to leave a 30-year career to pursue her passion -- empowering
others to live healthy lives and age gracefully so that they don't become a burden to others.


Adeline believes that losing weight is not just a vanity issue. It's about loving and embracing yourself. It's about feeling good
and extending your lifespan so that your body doesn't break down before its time. You have the health to enjoy the fruits
of your labours after working so hard for so many years.


She finds the trend towards obesity alarming, noting that radiant health is not just for personal satisfaction. Every parent has a responsibility to model it for his/her children.



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