Healthy Breakfast for Happy Kids


Kids start their school day very early and working parents struggle to get them through breakfast in the mornings.


Many kids arrive in school with a sugar spike then falter in class because they lose focus and concentration. Others are hungry until recess and get moody or irritable resulting in bad behaviour.


Research has shown that children who eat breakfast fare better in school and do well in tests. Healthy Breakfast for Happy Kids will uncover the secrets to a wholesome breakfast that will boost your child’s moods, immunity and learning.

Key takeaways

  1. Discover your commitment to better breakfast
  2. Serve a wholesome breakfast with ease and speed
  3. Learn to choose the best combination of foods so your kid never gets deprived of the nutrients they need ever again
  4. Visually plan an exciting breakfast for your kid each day
  5. Shorten your time in the kitchen so you can spend more time with your kids
  6. Create breakfast that your kid will love
  7. The importance of breakfast and the effects of breakfast on children
  8. Uncover secret breakfast boosters that give your kid the brain-boosting oomph!

How to access this program?

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  2. Add it to cart and apply code if you have one
  3. Checkout with your name & email address
  4. Go to your inbox and click the link in the email we sent you
  5. Register for an account at Gnowbe
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  7. You're in - have fun learning in this mobile-learning program!

What makes this program different?

Unlike most programs that are conducted in-person or online.... Healthy Breakfast for Happy Kids is conducted on a mobile-learning app.


Lessons are bite-sized! Learn on the go and at your own pace. Thanks to this micro- and peer-learning approach, you improve efficiency by 17% and remember better with what you learn! Explore more benefits here.

Who is this program for

This program is for parents and caregivers of school going children. No prior knowledge is required as long as you love seeing the smiles from happy tummies.


  1. First Session
  2. Our Breakfast Story
  3. The Importance of Breakfast
  4. Achieving a Blissful Breakfast
  5. Mastering the Macronutrients
  6. Hydrate and Boost
  7. The Breakfast Cheatsheet
  8. The 5 Breakfast Types
  9. Breakfast Meal Plans
  10. Prepping for a Blissful Morning
  11. Creating a Whimsical Breakfast
  12. Your Breakfast Success

About the curator

Sofie Hon

Honest Health, Founder


Sofie helps busy mums nurture happier, healthier kids through natural holistic living. As a practicing MAP mind wellness practitioner, she works with Mums to improve their children’s moods and behaviours. She often takes a very holistic approach looking at their lifestyles and diets.



  • Vivienne
    January 25, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    10 /10

    Very useful course, learn a lot of new food tips – great for my daughter who doesn’t take breakfast !

  • Ping
    February 18, 2019 at 11:39 am
    10 /10

    This course is informative and practical. The content is not only suitable for kids but for adults too.

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