How To Identify Your Hero Customer Before Embarking On Content Marketing

Are you a newbie in content marketing?

As a general rule, you don’t want to create content aimlessly.

Tons of content marketers neglect research and target everyone as their audience. In the end, all they have left are a scattered content framework and a content hub that confuses their readers.

A smart content marketer understands, there is nothing more effective than writing for ONE specific audience, aka their HERO CUSTOMER. They prioritise this mantra in their content strategy, thus have a much higher chance at converting their readers into loyal customers.

These empathetic content marketers read minds. They understand frustrations and unrealised dreams. They know the exact type of content – podcasts, videos, whatnot – that caresses the emotional chord.

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Do this first – decide who makes your hero customer

A hero customer is a customer who enjoys your products. It’s someone who willingly spreads the word about your business, without you asking them to.

Your hero customer is the ideal person that your product is built for.

For Dropbox, their hero customer is someone who wants to simplify their life. They’re organised, tech-savvy, and looking for ways to get time back in their day.

For Airbnb, their hero customer is someone who wants to live like a local without blasting a hole in the pocket. They like staying in unique spaces and feeling welcomed.

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Here are 3 questions to help you understand your hero customer intimately before jumping into content creation.


1. What is your hero customer’s persona?

What industries do they work in? What’s their job title? How would you describe them using adjectives? 

Bad example: Carrie watches American reality TV shows. She likes cats and frequently watches Netflix.

Good example: Carrie is the Head of Marketing in a F&B company. She’s a proactive leader who spearheads promotional campaigns and mentors marketing interns.


2.  What pain points is your hero customer experiencing?

What keeps them up at night? Be more descriptive about the problem they would like help with.

Bad example: Carrie is preparing for a new F&B product launch.

Good example: Carrie is struggling to launch a new F&B product because suppliers are often late and there are far too many processes involved.



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3. Your hero customer’s content preferences

What’s their favourite social media channel? What type of content do they often engage with – blogs, videos, or podcasts? What’s their preferred tone of voice – formal, friendly, or humorous? When are they engaging with which media?

Bad example: Only listen to podcasts.

Good example: Listens to podcasts while doing tasks that don’t require thought process. Prefers American personal growth and entrepreneurial podcasts.


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Conclusion: Your hero customer plays a pivotal role in your content marketing execution

When you have a crystal clear image of your hero customer in your head, you have a better understanding of their emotional needs and unfulfilled desires. You know the type of content (more on this in our future posts!) that solve their problems and give them a peace of mind.

You know how to amp up their productivity and keep them excited whenever you publish new content.

Do it once, they’re impressed. Do it twice, they’re convinced. Do it repeatedly, you get em’ hooked.

Pretty soon, you’ll have them in your fingertips and hitting the “Buy” button.

Your hero customers aren’t just ordinary customers. They’re your loyal fans.



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