Freelancer Success Stories: Renee, Videographer

alt="Freelancer Success Stories: 9 Questions With Renee Ismail, Corporate Videographer"

We first met Renee Ismail when she attended our content strategy workshop last February. A whip smart, affable freelance videographer, she even co-wrote a book called Inspiration For Success with 14 other specialists.

A peek at her social media profiles gives a hint of her admiration for Richard Branson (Renee’s Facebook cover shows a picture of the business mogul kitesurfing with the blazing quote above: “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Once you do, you’ll find that you’re living at a more exhilarating pace.”)

Are you a freelancer looking for success stories to reignite your passion? Look no further. Let’s find out more about Renee, lightning round style!

1. When did you start working as a freelance videographer?

I started 4 years ago!

2. In your eyes, what skills must a freelance videographer possess?

The ability to operate the camera and edit videos. Additional skills will be creating both the storyboard and script.

3. What were you doing before working as a videographer?

I was already doing videography… but in the IT Industry. 🙂

4. Tell us your secrets! How do you continuously improve your skills?

Through online courses and self teaching!

For online courses, depending on the tutorial video, I can spend up to one hour just to watch the tutorial and trying it out myself.

I don’t have a mentor, but I do talk to a few people whom I looked up to when I’m running a business.

I have a few favourite videographers from countries like Malaysia. They create great video content which Singapore has yet to explore.

5. What kind of clients and work have you done that you truly enjoy?

All clients are unique but the most I enjoyed was my latest project with SIA.

6. Do you network with your peers?

I do! Especially Singapore Videographers FB Page. Clients know me through word of mouth or LinkedIn.

7. What are the most common equipments you bring to a job?

Two cameras, lightings, audio equipments, and tripod!

8. Do you see trends changing in the kind of requests customers are asking for?

Yes, I do. Nowadays, clients want to have videos taken to be seen more credible.

9. What is your biggest achievement since you took on freelance videography?

Working with SIA, SaSa Singapore and Hungry Go Where. 🙂


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