i. General

Want Things Done is a freelance expert concierge platform. We match qualified freelance experts with businesses needing help in strategy, marketing, sales and operations.

Our concierge service handpicks one or more experts to deliver projects, either a one-time or retainer basis upon a comprehensive needs analysis. 

We want to seamlessly bridge the gaps of expertise and resource in any organisation with experts who are passionate and committed at what they do!

Most freelance marketplaces match clients and freelancers by algorithm. Machine learning is great, however, when it comes to human-like performances, it still has its limitations.

We see ourselves as the human element in the equation. We’ll share more in the future!

ii. Freelance experts

Continuous learning is a big thing in Want Things Done. We believe there are great insights out there that can transform your life for good. To deliver on this mission, we’ll make you a promise: to provide you the necessary hands-on knowledge you can use to better prepare for the gig economy. If this is your kind of community, well then… Welcome aboard!

GIGshop™ is a series of 12 workshops for clients and freelance experts. It centres around the theme of learning and collaboration for the gig economy. You can read all about it here.

Because we’re not only a freelance marketplace. We’re a freelance expert concierge platform

We do more than passively listing your profile and waiting for projects to stream in.

We’re actively looking for clients. We take care of the project proposal, marketing your profile, and invoicing, among others.  

For a full list of what we do, watch our video here!

We make it crystal clear in the proposal the number of edits each client get within their budget. Additional edits will cost extra. 

One thing we can promise you, you won’t be overworked!

It’ll always be safe, fair, and thriving.  

A myriad places. Lately, we’ve discovered a big chunk of our clients come from attending our workshops. We’re active in Facebook and Google advertising. In the coming months, we’re venturing into a wider range of marketing efforts. We’re excited about the results they’ll bring!

Sure, you can. To join Want Things Done, simply click this link right here. Voila, you’re one of us now.

Yes, we do. All independent freelance experts have to go through a strict process to get approved. 

Yes, you can! We’re cool like that.

Don’t be! We publish your profile with your approval.

Feel free to let us know the type of work you’d like to do when you sign up. We’ll come up with a title that fits the scope of what you do best. It’s all good!

iii. Clients

Two words: Quality. Cost-effective

Lots. Our services range from brochure copywriting to idea validation. 

We recognise the data economy requires new skills and digital platforms require a wider range of vertical expertise than before.

Want Things Done recruits a wide range of freelance experts to cater to both corporate and startup growth. We provide concierge service for entrepreneurs and business owners who require more assistance or prefer a hands-off approach.

We also work closely with tech-savvy entrepreneurs who want to build internal capabilities through the help of our freelance experts!

Want Things Done works with a healthy mix of SMEs, startups, regular folks, and mumpreneurs. We work with people and businesses who require quality help yet have no need for a full-time staff.

iv. Miscellaneous