Why You Need a Facebook Marketing Coach

There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook; many of whom are your potential leads. The problem? They don’t know about you yet. Now if only you have a talented Facebook marketing coach as your sidekick…


It seems easy to start a Facebook page, hop on to Facebook blueprint and begin running Facebook ads that screams “Hey! I’m what you’re looking for!”.

But how do you know you’ve created the best strategy or picked the right person for the job? It takes a lot of trial-and-error to fully understand Facebook advertising. The last thing you want is to waste your advertising dollars and not get the reach, engagement, or leads that you desire.

In response to that, the team at WantThingsDone has hand-picked a couple of Facebook marketing coaches whom we wholly stand behind (spoken from the experience from the team behind our Facebook page, we’ve gained much insight from these coaches on how to begin and maintain the page and its ads).

Of course, we wouldn’t send just any run-of-the-mill Facebook marketing coach to you. At WantThingsDone, we do a quality-check on every coach, grilling them with problems that you may face.

One of our Facebook marketing coaches eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing. With 8 years of experience in brand management and marketing in multiple industries, she’s now a startup founder who boasts a 6-figure sales on a 4-figure expenditure on Facebook Ads.

Submit a help request for a Facebook marketing coach to get started with a one hour consultation before deciding if you wish to engage our coach for more services.

Here’s an example of what a first hour consultation could cover, but we are happy to tailor to your needs:.

  • Understand your business and brand objectives
  • A brief overview of how to gain visibility and reach on Facebook
  • How to set up ad sets
  • How to set up target audience profiles
  • What are A/B testing methods
  • How to stretch your advertising dollars
  • Facebook ads artwork recommendations
  • How to analyse your results and improve your ads


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