Did you know?

60% of workforce feels disengaged

Productivity is damaged

50% of workforce feels imbalanced

Work-life balance is ruined

1 out of 3 feels current company doesn't support their growth

Purpose is gone

Meet Sha-En Yeo, your Brown Bag Lunch facilitator

1st Singaporean graduate of Masters of Applied Positive Psychology

#1 best selling author on Amazon "Road to Success Vol. 2" with Jack Canfield

Impacted > 5000 people in schools and organisations as champion of Positive Education

What people are saying about Sha-En

What makes "Brown Bag Lunch" Talks different?

Greatly hands-on

The interactive workshop is 1.5 - 2 hours long. It includes conscious reflection, insightful discussion, personal planning, and breakout sessions.

Essentially life balance

We all carry our home to work and our work to home. Let's talk about it and support each other. Feel relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence.

Actionable practical tips

Put those tipps to practice right away. Share a common language and help each other out. The results are immediate.

Which one are you?

For Parents: How to build strong relationships with your kids


Listen for content and emotion. Observe body language. Create a nourishing environment where they can be fully present.

Praises promote the growth mindset. Learn about the process and effort.

Bring positive emotions to home.

3 Blessings exercises. Love languages role play.

For Parents: Practical tools for work / life / family balance


Start the day with the right habits to ensure maximum productivity e.g. hydration, breathing, meditation, set down to-do list

Meditate to clear the mind. Establish top 3 priorities (e.g. family, work, me-time) which will be linked to how time is spent.

Identify what needs to happen. Enforce the ideal morning routine & clear priorities.

For Everyone: Focus on self: Finding your strengths and purpose


VIA Strengths exercise & interview. Identify top 5 strengths used regularly. Discover what energise.

Identify passions & interests (e.g questions exercise)

Purposeful narrative exercise. Create a commitment & action plan.

For Everyone: Developing emotional intelligence: Handling difficult situations


Get clear on your own emotions. Understand how it supports or gets in the way of handling situations.

Craft a structured game plan. Follow a process that adequately prepares for situations.

Stay focused on the bigger picture, listening tools, and breathing exercises.

For Women: Getting heard and understood: Influence / Communication


Identify fears & obstacles. Be assertive.

How to tap on your signature strengths.

Body language, eye contact, tone and cadence of speech.

Tell a story. Speak the truth from the heart. Be authentic.

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