4 Tips To Consider When You Create An App

alt="4 Tips To Consider When You Create An App"

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Hiring a developer to build an app for your business?

Working with a team of developers at a mobile app startup?

Whatever it is, the same rules apply. Here’s a quick checklist on what to watch out for if you want your app to launch successfully:


1. Always put your users first

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Share Food is an app startup that showcases the best Asian homemade recipes from around the world. When co-founder, Loo Pei Wen, launched her the app to market, she found out she’d spent far too much time on the user interface.

She admits, “We designed it with good features and interface, but we squeezed in too many functions at the start. Our users were confused rather than finding them helpful.”

After gathering feedback from users, Pei Wen and her team got to work and started removing functions that were  too complicated by their users, Share Food was completely revamped into a simple, user-friendly app.

Our tip: take ample time for customer research to figure out what your users want and don’t want. Offer a beta test to help shape and improve your app!


2. If you’re working with a team of developers, make the first move to understand what they do — even if you’re a non-tech person

When you educate yourself, it starts you off strong [Image credit: Sarah Pflug from Burst]

For a startup like Share Food that didn’t have a tech person in their founding team, communicating effectively with the app developer was a next to impossible task. As a result of this, Pei Wen shares, they had to fork out more money because of the miscommunications and mistakes made.

Are you in a similar situation like Pei Wen? There’s a way out of this.

Bounty Tasker founder, Harrison Niap, says, “I find it very helpful to have a basic understanding of everybody’s nature of work.”

Do this, Harrison shares, you get to effectively convey to your team what your users need with a bulls-eye accuracy.

Bounty Tasker is a to-do list app that turns tasks into games [Image credit: Bounty Tasker]


Harrison highly recommends working closely with the team because it opens many opportunities for developers to brainstorm the best way to deliver features, and for designers to create a user-centric design.

“You get to help your team speed up every solution they attempt to create, instead of blindly throwing them what you want from them and asking them to figure out how to get there themselves.”


3. Simplicity always wins

alt="The 4 Biggest Things To Watch Out For When You Create An App"
Treatsure is a food wastage app that offers surplus food at discounted prices [Image credit: Treatsure]

This reiterates our first point.“Developing the core features well at the start is way more essential than adorning it with multiple ‘good-to-have’ functionalities.” Treatsure co-founder, Preston Wong, shares.

His fellow co-founder, Kenneth Ham, echoes his views. “Don’t focus too much on creating the app and the technology. Understand how to balance business and technology as one.”

Tip: Baby steps. Stick to basic features before moving on to the next ones.


4. Don’t overspend

Like Preston, Pei Wen, too, agrees core functions are of the top most priority. Apps are meant to solve everyday problems. When you have basic features that already fulfill these tasks, the rest can wait.

Pei Wen quips, “If the first version takes off, you can always upgrade it!”



It’s easy to get caught up with the hype and lose focus of the big picture.

It’s alright, you can always restart and give your app the successful launch it rightly deserves. As long as you invest the effort to self educate yourself, stick to simplicity, and focus on your users. 🙂

What’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with your app?

alt="The 4 Biggest Things To Watch Out For When You Create An App"



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