About WantThingsDone

What is WantThingsDone?

WantThingsDone is more than a marketplace. It matches time-starved people with freelancers independent experts and gigs to help them with the things they’ve been putting off. We believe in community and self-empowerment.

What makes WantThingsDone different?

Most virtual marketplaces match clients and freelancers by algorithm. Machine learning is great, however, when it comes to human-like performances, it still has its limitations. We see ourselves as the human element in the equation. We’ll share more in a bit! 🙂

How does WantThingsDone work?

After a client leaves a deposit and shares their project scope, WantThingsDone will proceed to browse the independent experts profiles and personally shortlist 1 – 3 matches.


For independent experts

I’m already a member of several freelance marketplaces. Why should I join another?

Continuous learning is a big thing in WantThingsDone. We believe there are great insights out there that can transform your life for good. To deliver on this mission, we’ll make you a promise: to provide you the necessary hands-on knowledge you can use to better prepare for the gig economy. If this is your kind of community, well then… Welcome aboard!

What’s the GIGshop™ about?

GIGshop™ is a series of 12 workshops for GIGs. It centres around the theme of learning and collaboration for the gig economy. You can read all about it here.

I’m an independent expert. Can I join? 

Sure, you can. To join WantThingsDone, simply click the Register button at the top right corner and edit your profile. Voila, you’re one of us now.

Do you screen your experts?

Yes, we do. All independent experts have to go through a strict process to get approved. Side note: profiles are hidden from the public. We’ll personally go through all projects and find you the ones that fit with what you do best.


For clients

Why should I give WantThingsDone a go?

Two words: Quality. Cost.

What services do WantThingsDone offer?

Lots. Our services range from brochure copywriting to idea validation. Do you see the yellow header above? Click on the categories to have a better feel of what we do.

What kind of clients does WantThingsDone work with?

WantThingsDone works with a healthy mix of SMEs, startups, regular folks, and mumpreneurs. We work with people and businesses who require quality help yet have no need for a full-time staff.



Do you have a privacy policy I can take a peek at?

We applaud your attention to detail. Here you go.

Where can I read your terms and conditions?

You can read it right here.

My question isn’t listed. Help!

Drop us a note at hello@wantthingsdone.com We’ll get back to you faster than you can do a somersault.