Let’s cut to the chase. Freelancing is tricky business.

While freelance gigs in high demand may differ between countries, they all revolve around the same theme – maximising efficiency.

Here are the top 10 popular freelance gigs we see at WantThingsDone.com

  1. Social Media Coaches/ Strategists

You’re new to the social media game, or simply do not have the budget to accommodate a senior digital marketing manager at the moment. These gig experts are incredible assets to you.

Freelance social media coaches and strategists shave precious hours off the time you spend working on social media by taking the bulk of research off your plate. These experts can also guide you on whether Facebook or Instagram works better for the nature of your business.

Take Facebook as an example, they can create audience sets for you, and even test different campaigns to see the best way to maximise the results you get. Timing is important as well; if you’re comfortable, give them access to your Facebook Ad Account as “advertiser”, and let them figure out which ad schedule would work the best for you.


  1. Content Strategists/Editors

You have a wonderful product/service, but people aren’t noticing you as much. Freelance content strategists can come in to help you bridge that gap.

They usually start by understanding the essence of your company and its accompanying content. With that knowledge in hand, they may facilitate a brainstorm session with your team members about your brand and audience.

This clarity aids the team and your gig expert in building a content framework for execution. If retained on a project basis, these content strategists may work as an editor as well, supervising the content shared to ensure consistency in messaging.


  1. SEO Savvy Writers

Google AdWords are tricky, and can be an expensive venture. Getting to the top of the search page organically should still be your ultimate goal.

And that’s where Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content writers come in.

Not all your content has to be SEO-centric, but you’d definitely want key messages that you want to put across SEO-friendly. This, however, also requires expert knowledge in how people search online, and how to make the search algorithms work for you. Search engines keep their algorithms secret, so experience is key.

Cue freelance SEO content writers. These freelance gigs work with the algorithm that search engines use, and take your brand onto the first page – organically.


  1. Graphic Designers

You have all this information in text that you’d love to have in a visual, but you don’t have the time, or don’t know how to do it. Freelance graphic designers can do that for you.

Graphic designers specialise in different areas. Some specialise in logo design, while others excel in typographic design… You get our point. An important point of evaluation would be if they are more B2B or B2C-centric in their style.

But their main goal remains the same – to create attention-grabbing visuals that fit your brand, and maintain your target audience’s attention for more than the average 8 seconds. First impression matters, so you can see why they’re in high demand.


  1. Photographers

Photos work as the visual complement to your brand’s story telling. Just like graphic design, it’s important that the photos and videos you share creates a good first impression, and encourages actions on your brand’s platform.

Unless you’re an avid photographer hobbyist, odds are you wouldn’t have the right equipment to have a really professionally-done shot. So that’s where freelance photographers come in.

Photographers often have a niche that require different execution styles. Photo coverage for events, for example, requires a different technique compared to product or portrait photography. Upon snapping these photos, photographers will process those images to its fullest, most visually-appealing potential.


  1. Videographers

Videos are a very efficient way to communicate the emotional value of your brand to your target audience. But video creation and editing can eat up hours of your time, and that’s excluding how experienced you are with videography and editing.

Not all videographers are made the same. Most of them have a niche that requires different execution styles. Video coverage of events, for example, requires a different technique compared to promotional videos for kickstarter campaigns, or for internal communications.

Videographers often start with understanding the client’s objectives and its purpose. Depending on the budget, they can help with the storyboarding process, film the necessary clips, and process those clips to reach the end result.


  1. WordPress Theme Experts

We’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post about how wordpress can potentially be complicated, and can take up a lot of your time if you’re not well-versed in the art of building up websites.

These are the people with specialised skills that understand how to customise WordPress themes, and which WordPress theme suits your needs better. With a deeper understanding of how the theme works, these experts can even advise on the pros and cons of different themes.

There are two types of gig WordPress theme experts:

  • Front-end experts touches up on what you can see, such as the aesthetics, and plug-ins that you require.
  • Back-end experts study the codes developed by its creator, and edits it accordingly, subject to the language it was written in.


  1. Web Developers

Every business needs a website. Odds are, unless you spend a lot of time fiddling on the backend of websites, starting one from scratch will stump you.

Freelance web developers can come in and do it up for you according to your requests. Their main role of web developers is to feature your products and services by creating attractive and functional websites from scratch. They speak the language of coding, and have the ability to expand beyond the confines of the usual web-hosting platforms.


  1. Idea Validation Coaches

You have a business/startup idea that you think can take over the world, and now you’re thinking… “Now what? How do I begin?

As the name suggests, these coaches validate ideas. These are the people to look for if you have a business/startup idea that you’d like to execute. Freelance idea validation coaches guide you along the business thought process. They are there to help you build a business model that investors would seek to fund, while conducting insights validation.


  1. Admin Executives

We’ve talked a lot about the big jobs, but organisations always need someone to handle their administrative tasks. These are the extremely meticulous people, with extremely good organisational skills. Without them, business processes may not run as smoothly.

Freelance admin executives run administration operations like digital filing, to handling the company’s finances. And often have skills in organisational softwares such as Slack, or accounting softwares like Xero and Quickbooks.

Simply put, there are loads of people who need these freelance gig experts to take the load off their plates.

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And if you have skills mentioned above and would love to take on a project, give us a shout as well!