Back to Basics: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
With an incredible idea, it seems logical to dive into building your brand’s platform with all the nifty perks that you’ve dreamed about. However, that would incur loads of costs that may not necessarily end up with results that you desire, and that’s where the minimum viable product (MVP) comes in.

An MVP can be multiple things, but for most people, your MVP is usually an online platform/website. As the name suggests, your MVP usually include enough features to satisfy early customers, but provides loads of room for product development following feedback from the market that you’re testing your product on.

WordPress: Not As Simple As It Looks
One of the easily-accessible platforms that is easy on the pocket is WordPress. While easy to start, with a plethora of clones (ready-built platforms) that suits your needs, the process is more complex than it looks. Just like finding a pair of the perfect jeans, it takes time and effort to find one that resembles your needs the most closely, and then it’ll take time and effort to tailor it to your needs.

As a newbie, many of these clones would look easily customisable, with each feature parked neatly into the categories, but you’ll always need to understand the core codes of each clone, and some customisations may require someone with more than rudimentary coding knowledge to work with.

The site that you’re on now is our MVP, and boy were there hiccups along the way, such as not knowing how to fully customise the site to our needs and tearing our hair out trying to fix the bugs that we may have accidentally created.

Luckily, we found an MVP (the slang) to work on our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

What Our MVP Tech Guy Did:
He spent an hour on the phone with us to understand what we needed from the site, and spent the next hour looking through the theme we’ve chosen to see if it could be configured to our exact needs; and we took it from there, building our MVP baby bit by bit with much-needed clarity.

Here’s what to expect from our MVP expert:

  1. He’ll understand the requirements that you desire on your MVP (best emailed to him beforehand just so there are no misunderstandings)
  2. With that knowledge in mind, he’ll look for the wordpress themes that are most tailored to your needs.
  3. Upon purchase, he’ll install and configure your theme of choice on your WordPress account.
  4. Upon studying your theme in greater detail, he’ll brief you on what exactly is customisable, and what isn’t.

And now you’re all set to play in the sandbox that is your MVP! Of course, if building a site is not your forte, our MVP expert would be available on an hourly rate to help sort things out for you.

We wouldn’t have been able to push our MVP live if it wasn’t for him, and he did it at a fraction of the time it would’ve taken for us to figure it out, and for a very competitive cost. That’s what we do, at WantThingsDone, we guarantee ethical, transparent, and reliable gig experts for you.