Startups can be a tricky game to play, but we made it easier for POP Group, by connecting them to people who know the game.

Last week, POP Group came to us with a unique problem. In an industry that’s slowly integrating technological advances into its current processes, the founders needed someone to talk to about an idea they had that could potentially revolutionise small/medium printing businesses.

In comes #wantthingsdone, where we connect the founders to an expert who’s had experience investing in multiple industries.

And here we have people across different continents:

  1. The co-founders of POP Group are based in the U.K. and the U.S. respectively
  2. The expert, and WantThingsDone, who are based in Singapore

In an hour-long conference call across geographic boundaries that was priced at USD 150, the founders of POP Group came out refreshed and ready to go back to the drawing board, and take their idea to the next level by working on the nitty-gritty – from refining their approach, to working out a strategy that will fit them best.

That’s what makes us happy; connecting people wherever you are, to solve any startup obstacles that you may face.