From its infancy to the doorstep of CryoWerx hot off the press, we were with CryoWerx every step of the way.

CryoWerx wanted a corporate brochure done, but didn’t particularly have the time or resources to do it. Instead of spending more time fretting over how to get a corporate brochure printed from scratch, they approached us to complete the task for them, and here’s how we broke the process down:

  1. We started off with understanding what CryoWerx is about, what the objectives of the corporate brochure was, and what they wanted in the corporate brochure.
  2. We hired a copywriter that suited CryoWerx best – one with B2B experience – and she did up the body text, complete with a sprinkle of magical flair that writers have.
  3. We got in touch with a corporate brochure designer, who magicked the text into an aesthetically-pleasing yet easily digestible corporate brochure.
  4. With the digital copy of the corporate brochure in hand, we trooped on to the printers, where it came to life, and we delivered it to CryoWerx.

That’s what WantThingsDone is about; you have something you want done, we help you do it, while fully understanding your needs.